Purchases & Obsessions

Hi readers! I don’t always have time to do as many outfit posts as I’d like, but that does mean I can’t make posts at all. So tell me if you want to see more posts where I talk about recent buys and things I love, in addition to outfit posts. Here are some things that I’m waiting for or that I’m lusting after.

Eshakti is sending me this awesome mesh dress that I’m so excited to receive. I bought both the Camilla Skovgaard originals and Nine West version of the booties on the left, but more on that later this week! I’m loving this gorgeous leather jacket from Evans, perfect biker chic! The McQueen boots on the right are exquisite and I’m still flirting with the idea of getting them. One thing I do know I want to get soon is this Frank Gehry for Tiffany bangle, love the lines. This miu miu would make an excellent sister to my miu miu bow bag! Finally, I bought the MAC Lady Gaga lipstick and Essie Mint Candy Apple polish, so pretty!

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