Parisian Inspiration & Chanel

Recently I’ve been in love with all things French—the film Coco Before Chanel, Sakina, and the episodes of Sex and the City set in Paris. Here is my outfit below, which was inspired by all this.

Yesterday I went to the Chanel boutique, so take a peek at my bag too. Being in Chanel is like being in a different world, one I never want to leave. There is just no going back after you get your first Chanel. The gorgeous leather and impeccable craftsmanship make you want to keep coming back. P.S. My next post should be from Vegas, so keep an eye out for that. I’m off to plan those outfits!

Outfit: Asos Top, Lane Bryant pants, Cole Haan heels, LV bag

Below: Chanel Bag, Cole Haan heels, H&M top

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