Fringe Love – Special Offer for My Readers

Edit: Although the first batch of necklaces SOLD OUT, Leilanni has made MORE necklaces in fun colors—so get one while you still can! If you bought one with the reader discount, please be sure to comment here and tell me which color you chose! I know many of you contacted me on twitter or facebook about your purchases, but commenting here is best!

Hi everyone! I was contacted by Leilanni of Leilanni Etsy about a special offer for my readers! You may recall a recent post where I was wearing one of her gorgeous fringe necklaces.

For a limited time, all fringe necklaces will be only $28! Enter the word “FATSHIONABLE” in the message box at checkout. If you use this code, after you pay you should receive a refund. This offer is valid until May 5th, at which point the discount will be made available to everyone. This way, readers of Fatshionable get first pick of the beautiful necklaces! All questions about how the discount works should be directed to Leilanni. Hurry if you want one!

Just so you know, I am only posting this because I think Leilanni is really talented and I’m so in love with my necklaces! I have one in blue, one in red, and with this discount I just bought a teal ombre one! The quality is excellent and every time I wear one I get stopped so many times by strangers who ask where I found my awesome necklace. One of my favorite etsy experiences by far.

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