My Life Lately

Here I am looking tired and here is the reason why I’m tired.

If I’m home, I’m in this hoodie and yoga pants. No exceptions. Dark circles, tired skin, bloodshot eyes. I had a baby, guys. And the longest she sleeps is five hours. I’ve not had more than five continuous hours of sleep in five months. So I just want to be ultra comfortable. Not in a oh-let-me-pull-out-this-silk-romper-#sexylaugh way, but in a ALL COTTON EVERYTHING way. This hoodie was a gift from my sister, which she found at Aerie. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is like, the perfect hoodie. Light, super soft, tad loose, warm but not warm. It’s like my little blanket. Oh god, it’s the woman equivalent of a baby blanket.

So I know I haven’t posted and I feel bad. I’m like, must… blog… have… no… energy… zzzzzz. I’m not sure how many people reading this have had or have babies, but I look back on some old posts and just laugh. “Hey guys, you totally need a tutu.” Right now I would trade a dinner party and tutu for pajamas, some sushi, and a long nap. OMG that is terrible, right? Have I lost my fashion identity? Moms, please chime in! Non-moms you have my permission to judge me I guess. Don’t get it twisted; I can still work it out if I have a babysitter, some Visine, and a great dress. But let’s just stay in and snuggle with the baby while watching the Beyonce HBO special for the tenth time? I might regret this post.


  1. Isabel says

    Nope! Don’t feel bad.. I’m currently holding my 3mo old while he naps.(as per usual) and I’m wearing ripped harem pants and the same milk stained shirt I’ve been wearing since yesterday afternoons shower.(since baby allowed me shower!) it’s so bad that when my husband sees me all dressed up- he is mesmerized. Poor guy, sleeping next to a drooly, often gassy, little hermit.(me not the baby) Cheers!

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