Cute Kids Clothes: RUUM Kids

We finally got our tree and the baby was instantly curious about Christmas lights. We got so many cute shots of her playing with them, I just had to share this simple photo idea with my fellow moms. All you need is a string of lights.

Thank you to RUMM Kid’s Wear for sending us a box of adorable clothes for Julia. Here are some of our favorites. ‘Tis the season for a Knit Nordic Jacket or a Pom Pom hat! I’m in love with baby’s dots-on-dots ensemble. Look how big my baby is getting!

Since becoming a mom I care a lot about the quality of kid’s clothing in addition to their cuteness. The RUUM clothes washed beautifully. Moms know this is a big one because once you have a baby, it feels like you are never not doing laundry. I love that these styles are kid-friendly and cozy. A comfortable baby is a happy baby. Thanks again, RUUM. x

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