My Early Morning Ritual

Rather than post 2014 resolutions, I want to share a strategy for making the most of your year by making the most of your day. I’ve used this successfully!

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My best days are those when I wake up a full hour earlier than I’m “supposed” to wake up. Try it, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel more in control of their day. I’m a stay-at-home mom who also works from home, so a good start is directly related to having a successful day. Here’s a little more about my morning ritual:

Know your body. Stretch for 1 minute.

Get fresh faced. Wash my face to feel super awake + bright. Brush teeth & apply lip balm.

Calm over caffeine. I skip coffee and sip a mug of chamomile-rose tea (with milk + honey.)

Feed your mind. Read a couple pages from a magazine or book. So important!

Feed your spirit. I close my eyes and just enjoy the quiet.

Feed your body. I grab something yummy packed w/ nutrients. Ex: Berries, almonds.

List your goals for the day. Start mapping out the day on paper. I love my planner!

Clean inbox = clear mind. Start answering email on my phone.

By the time your hour is spent, you are already in the midst of your day. Old me would just be getting up now! Use the extra time to get even more on top of the day and goals. When my daughter wakes up, we have breakfast together. A bright start helps me have a great day and a great week. Hope you make this one great too!

Thanks to Clearasil and Refinery29 for sponsoring this post. They invited me to share how I #WinTheDay. They sent me their juicy Superfruit Wash, which has made my mornings brighter. Also, all readers can try a Superfruit product for free (w/ mail-in rebate), details here.

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