My Summer Style


Lace dress
, Mexico bag, Ankle wrap flats, Sunglasses, Glass water bottle, Lip balm, Bangles

I’m ready for warm days, a fresh face, and a pedicure peeking out from my sandals. Sometimes I have difficulty reconciling my style (feminine, often overdressed) with my lifestyle (toddler-chasing mami). I wanted to feature a look that is beautiful, but still wearable. I can wear this to story time at the library or on a date with my husband. Perfect for me. Do you like this too?


  1. says

    I love this outfit, the new blog layout and the ode to your thighs! I have had the same thoughts and feelings surrounding mine for so long! I choose to love them cause they take me everywhere I want to go!

    • Jay says

      Thank you for the feedback Jeniese! My thoughts on body image are facilitated by my thoughts on fashion and vice versa, which is an interesting experience. Besides all that stuff, it’s just a really cute skirt too. x

  2. Jennifer says

    I loved this post ! The ode to your thighs on point ! My boss whispered to me recently that for the first time in her life her thighs are touching(she was expecting) It tickled me so!

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