When Time Tells a Story

This post is brought to you by Michael Hill
Jay-Miranda-Rosegold-watchRosegold watch from Michael Hill

Something that’s often on my mind is time. You know how they say the days are long but the years are short? I want to focus on being present “in the moment,” but I also try to remain cognizant of the arc of my life. I think mine looks like a wonderful zig-zag.

I’ve wanted a watch for some time now. I remember being a kid and playing with the gold watch on my father’s wrist—I liked putting my ear to it and listening to the tick-tock inside. Little things like that are what I remember so vividly about my dad. Back to my story, I had trouble finding the perfect watch: it had to be understated, but not too demure, something well-crafted and beautiful, something that looked more timeless than trendy.

Something rose gold.

Here’s an entrancing video on watchmaking. I may have spent my 20s constantly rummaging for my phone to tell time, but I knew I was due for a more grown up solution.



Jay-Miranda-Rosegold4Cashmere top: French Connection, Skirt: ASOS,  Watch: c/o Michael Hill,
Necklace: JCrew, Arrow Ring: Sterling Forever, Shoes: Nordstrom

The absolute best moments in my life have happened serendipitously, like falling in love with my husband or having my daughter. I think being a grown woman is understanding life’s zig-zags and being open to receive the gifts—and lessons—life has for you. I recently turned 30 and there was something wonderful and freeing about it (yes, there was anxiety over anti-aging serums too, but it’s really not that bad.)

I like the idea of marking milestones with something you can hold, not only as a reminder of what once happened but also as a point of reference as to where you are in your story right now.

One of the things I love most about blogging is that it’s connected me with new faces and stories. It’s how I met the people at Michael Hill, an Australian jeweler and watchmaker. I loved the multigenerational family story behind their work and I finally got my perfect watch. It’s weighty, blushy, and wears like jewel.


The first thing I did when I opened it was bring it to my ear and listen to the steady ticking inside. It helps remind me that every big moment is a lead up of many small ones.



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