Charlotte’s Web

“Salutations! It’s my fancy way of saying hello.” — I have always remembered this line from the classic book Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, which may have also been my introduction to the concept of conveying one thing in two different ways. Like the spider Charlotte, British designer Charlotte Olympia conveys a message in her own markedly fancy way. Her signature is a tiny web, emblazoned on the soles of her designs. Olympia’s shoes are feminine, coquettish, and hint at the designer’s wit. Some shoes look like cats, another like a piano, one like a fruit bowl. The brilliance of Charlotte Olympia is that the whimsy of her ideas does not compromise the elegance of her shoes. And that is really, really special.

If you follow me on instagram (@pinklip) you may remember I posted these gorgeous Olympias—

I was all smiles when I opened my email to learn that Ms. Olympia was releasing a tiny limited edition collection inspired by the book Charlotte’s Web. It includes a pair of heels and a clutch depicting moments from the story and the famous cover illustration. Talk about melding of fashion and fiction.

I remember my first time reading the story of a young girl named Fern and the runtling pig Wilbur whom she saved from death. The story is simple but so beautifully written and illustrated, it remains in my mind one of best stories about love and friendship. I wanted to share some of my favorites—in an age in which digital animation dazzles us with its complexity, I find these simple two-dimensional drawings mesmerizing. Just look at the way baby Wilbur gazes at Fern.

Here too are the images released by Charlotte Olympia, the collex is available for purchase at the London and New York boutiques. The clutch has my stolen my heart!

Photo via, Illustrations: Garth Williams, Charlotte Olympia
Dear readers, Would love to hear your thoughts on whether you enjoy non-outfit posts like this! Or just reminisce with me about Fern and Wilbur, or you know, shoes. xx

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